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A really cool solids, liquids, and gases experiment

Science Sort - Animal Behavior

The summer is approaching, which means lots of time outside, and more opportunities to see backyard animals. What backyard animals rely on adaptation? In this lesson from the Walmart Middle School #Literacy Initiative, take a look at how animals evolve during environmental changes and the different characteristics they possess to help them survive. mass.pbslearningm... #ELA

With this informative writing research project, students will research and write about different ecosystems or biomes. Then they'll create an ecosystem report booklet to share! Meets Common Core Standards.

Ecosystems and Biomes... It looks like a handwritten portion has just been added to a project I assign my students. 😉

Interactive Science Notebook Freebies! All about animals! Creekside Teacher Tales

$ - Vertebrate and Invertebrate unit

PBS - The Shape of Life website - for our invertebrate study

Invertebrate poetry and wall project

A project guide for students to create a diorama in a shoe box for an animal's habitat.

Kids Camp!: Activities for the Backyard or Wilderness (A Kids Guide series) by Laurie Carlson,

Project Wild for Educators -Photo Credit: Stephanie Raine, USFWS

Pulsar's Cool Projects: Solar Oven Print Version