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Hans Neuburg

Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design - Smashing Magazine

George Giusti

Letterology: Design Never Takes a Holiday

Fredun Shapur

Fredun Shapur: Hero. « Present&Correct

Helvetica and the New York City Subway System | Swiss Legacy

Poster by Frans Mettes (1909-1984), Tweka Badkleding. (Netherlands)

Saul Steinberg: Portable Identity

Carnet Imaginaire

Ilio Negri 1959

AIAP | Archivio Ilio Negri | Biblioteca | Domus

Untitled, Lygia Pape, 1958.

pictures of the year: Untitled, 1958 Lygia Pape

Bradbury Thompson, Spread from Westvaco II: Inspiration for Printers 1953-55

Graphis Magazine cover: by George Giusti

Yaacov Agam Original S Silkscreen 1960s

Yaacov Agam Original S&N Silkscreen, Kinetic Art : Lot 6