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Tiffany Edwards

Tiffany Edwards

Everything happens for a reason <3

itsjustanotherweightlossblog: Lose fat. Simplest thing! You cant spot reduce but you can gain muscle in specific areas. When you get to about 18% body fat you should see some abs. 12% for a 6 pack (girls)

Summer workout schedule...use as a guide for weekly workouts...can be tailored to your ability

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Victory Fitness: Three miles in 30 days running program

These shoes are one the way to the beach where they will meet some exotic man who is barefoot as all exotic men are.

Word can not exprss how happy I was when I received Raybans from this site for only $15, totally the best deal I ever got,Summer!Summer!

Frozen knock-knock joke

I haven't seen a ton of these all over the web. I just might get one similar to this!

Love elephants & the trunk MUST be up for good luck. The line work is too thick & pretty sloppy on this one, but I like the general idea. Plus, I'd add lots of colors.

Cruising Nails!

Summer lovin' nautical nails

Want this for my next Disney cruise! nail art ....This is so cool! pinterestpromotio...