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Just another morning stroll? :: El Camino del Rey (King's pathway) - Málaga, Spain. The walkway is one metre (3 feet and 3 inches) in width, and rises over 100 metres (350 feet) above the river below.

The volcanic rocks on the shore of Briar's Island, Nova Scotia.

Nature Glenn Coco

"Here's Looking at You," by Roeselien Raimond, via Flickr. -- "Firecrest - regulus ignicapillus - Vuurgoudhaantje I didn't know it was possible, but I found a firecrest that was willing to pause his flying and hopping for a split second. He even granted me an intense look in the camera and then....he was gone as if it never happened..." -- I love his tiny little orange Mohawk!!

Zumaia, Basque Country, Spain. The town has two beaches (Itzurun and Santiago), which are of interest to geologists because they are situated among the longest set of continuous rock strata in the world. Known locally as the "flysch" they date from the mid-cretaceous period to the present, a time period of over 100 million years. The K-T boundary is present at the Itzurun beach, and fossils can be found, notably of ammonites. The strata stretches along a distance of about 8 km.

Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History. The butterflies are really active when it's warm out, so it's a great time to visit! #butterfly #gainesville #rainforest

Ice cave under Mendenhall Glacier • Alaska • USA

The Rollright Stones, a complex of three Neolithic and Bronze Age megalithic monuments in Oxfordshire. Now known as The King’s Men, The King Stone and The Whispering Knights, each is distinct in design and purpose, and were built at different periods in late prehistory. The stretch of time during which the three monuments were erected here bears witness to a continuous tradition of ritual behavior on sacred ground, from the 4th to the 2nd millennium BCE. Photo copyright Angela Jayne Latham.

Because of the careful efforts of Theodore Roosevelt and other committed conservationists, both the American bison thrives today.

Golden Gate Bridge,San Francisco, CA

(via 500px / Photo “…” by Paul Marcellini)  ( Blue Cypress Lake, Florida, USA )

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

"Lone Pine" Dixie National Forest, Utah - David C. Schultz

back from South Tirol, Italy: Karersee - Il Lago di Carezza - Lake Carezza