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pH balanced all natural shampoo: Better for your scalp and only two ingredients! Very interesting!

Your virtual body... Enter your measurements and find out what is the best way to dress for your body type. Creepy, but interesting.

airbrushed makeup cheat *this was actually REALLY informative!!* Read later pin.

Marilyn Monroe Nails, These would look Awesome in a darker Hot Pink (ie:Raspberry) or in a Pearlized White and Black. It would be GORGEOUS id a Shimmery dark Brown/Bronze and Cream!

DIY Nail polish dot tool

Replicate this lovely design with our Jet Black and Vampire Blue nail art powders. (We send to the US!) www.thenailartist...

Buy a regular white tshirt (size medium) and draw a diamond in the back, center with a pencil. Then, with scissors, just start cutting strips down to the outline of the diamond. Cut out a V from the tip of the diamond. Then cut off the bottom of the tshirt and cut the neckline bigger too.