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Colored Girls Hustle

Colored Girls Hustle provides handmade adornment, services and programming to encourage us to be our boldest selves.

Vintage Inspired Large Button Earrings in Gold

Vintage Inspired Large Button Earrings.

New for the Holidays! Limited edition: Triangle Paper Bead Duo Earrings

New for the Holidays. Limited edition gift for her: Long Necklace Earrings with Paper Beads

Colored Girls Hustle for the holidays

Rough Cut — Colored Girls Hustle Hard Anthem! Featuring Taja Lindley, Founder of Colored Girls Hustle, and Jessica Valoris, artist and educator. This is for all of the women & girls of color hustling hard for our communities as activists, artists, healers, educators & entrepreneurs. Original lyrics on the Rick Ross Hustle beat. We’re (re)defining hustle! Holla at ya gurls! We went hard. Silly, fun & on point. Be sure to watch! #hustlehard

Lover of the Hustle wearing the Black & Green Button Earrings from the Luminary Sol 2012 collection

Lover of the Hustle rocking the Pinky Red Solo Peacock Feather Earring from the Luminary Sol summer 2012 collection

share your light through a daily practice of adornment

Colored Girls Hustle vending set up at Afropunk 2012

You can never have enough feather earrings! From the Luminary Sol 2012 Collection of Colored Girls Hustle

Elephants are for good luck, Colored Girls Hustle paper bead earrings are for fashion, self-love & adornment. Vending Colored Girls Hustle at Afropunk 2012, Brooklyn NY

Lover & Friend of the Hustle rocking the Black & Green Button Earrings from Luminary Sol 2012

A new addition to the Luminary Sol 2012 collection: Pinky Red Peacock Feather Earrings by Colored Girls Hustle on Etsy $50.00

A new addition to the Luminary Sol 2012 Collection: Long Solo Peacock Feather Earring in Purple by Colored Girls Hustle $40.00