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short naturals

Nine years after "going natural", I have abandoned my quest for super long hair and decided to embrace my love of short, fly hair!

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6 months

  • Shanie Cole

    Hi Takia could you tell me the name of this girl please? Love her hair and I'm thinking about cutting my transitioning hair like that but I'm a newbie and I would love to knw the name of this style she's wearing thank you!

She cut her hair! Miko from Miss Jessie's

My Cut...but can this be any more fly?!

)) Natural Hair Glory

I hate when people "Always" claim that this short style is the big chop. I know several women who have worn this style for years because they love the freedom it brings and it never goes out of style and it is beautiful. Not everyone is trying to rid themselves of the perm with this cropped style.

Twa. Big chop. Natural hair. Short natural hair. Inspiration.