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Bacon Apple Pie- bacon, you never fail to disgust me

White Chocolate Frito popcorn.... An entire Super Bowl party in one bite.

  • Chris Otting

    i dont even know how you find these.

  • Tallia Bryner

    A friend showed me this one with this board in mind. But actually my biggest hang up in posting on this board has been the inability to re pin things because they were pinned by people I actually know..... I won't name names

  • Chris Otting

    Every time I pin something I silently worry about ending up here.

  • Anna Konneker

    I wonder how many of my pins belong on this board...

Pork chops dipped in ranch dressing and coated in Italian bread crumbs with Parmesan cheese and garlic...I have been looking for a way to get my kids to eat more ranch and breadcrumbs.

Pancake lasagna - i am almost afraid to pin this because i know some of you will make it. but give it a different name before you do.

don't buy these

  • Hannah Feltis

    Abby and I were just talking about these because we were grossed out by their presence on pinterest!!!

  • Chris Otting

    but they are limited edition

mmmmmmmmm...gross food coloring. When are strawberries ever in season for Christmas?!?

  • Samantha Smith

    In south america they are. I'll make sure to send you some of these brownie creations in the mail this Christmas. Now that really makes me want to throw up.

come on

Hot dog crown roast.

  • Jessica Tessem

    I almost had to stop being your friend until I saw this was posted to your "Things that make me want to die because they are gross" board. That's the nastiest thing I've ever seen!

  • Sage Pearson

    What is inside of that??

  • Bethany Patrick

    Where do you find these things!? Truly gross!

  • Elizabeth H

    Looks like fingers to me. It says it's a Weight Watchers recipe. I believe it! You can't consume calories if it's too ugly to eat.

cadbury creme egg brulee. why would you ruin creme brûlée with one of the grossest candies of easter?

Cheesy Chicken Dorito Casserole . Just stop people. Stop. Doritos should never be an ingredient. No

Beef Bouquet. EWWWWWW

  • Cassidy Bate

    hahaha! Gross! (btw, I LOVE the name for this board. Makes me chuckle every time you pin something here)

A map of every McDonald's in the country. there are so many things i could say....

Make fake snow with so so gross

salmon in the dishwasher recipe

  • Tallia Bryner

    what a good picture

  • jon bryner

    The Picture makes me want to die almost as much as the idea of the smell of dishwasher operation and salmon being mixed together

red velvet crêpes!..i think people are.confusing red velvet with red food coloring.

add peroxide and baking soda to Mountain Dew to make it glow!!!...this is slightly terrifying.