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things that make me want to die because they are gross

White Chocolate Frito popcorn.... An entire Super Bowl party in one bite.

  • Chris Otting

    i dont even know how you find these.

  • Tallia Bryner

    A friend showed me this one with this board in mind. But actually my biggest hang up in posting on this board has been the inability to re pin things because they were pinned by people I actually know..... I won't name names

  • Chris Otting

    Every time I pin something I silently worry about ending up here.

  • Anna Konneker

    I wonder how many of my pins belong on this board...

mmmmmmmmm...gross food coloring. When are strawberries ever in season for Christmas?!?

  • Samantha Smith

    In south america they are. I'll make sure to send you some of these brownie creations in the mail this Christmas. Now that really makes me want to throw up.

Cheesy Chicken Dorito Casserole . Just stop people. Stop. Doritos should never be an ingredient. No

add peroxide and baking soda to Mountain Dew to make it glow!!!...this is slightly terrifying.