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Use a plastic tackle box to keep the bulk-size battery pack from ending up all over that junk drawer in your kitchen.

Using dollar store soap boxes to organize - card games, crayons, etc. GENIUS!

Hang a shower caddy on the opposite side of the shower with a coat hook so it doesn't interfere with the faucet- Duh!!!! And stuff doesnt get all mildewy and gross!

Use curtain rods on the inside of cabinet doors to hold your pot lids!!

Under Desk Cord Corral by Martha Stewart Living #Cord_Keeper #Martha_Stewart: great idea!

Bobby pins on a magnetic strip in a drawer.

CLEVER IDEA: use a plate stand to create extra space on the bathroom counter

Use baskets INSIDE the refrigerator to group like items. They keep those science experiments out of the rear of the fridge, make the good foods easier to grab, and shelves stay cleaner longer.

How to clean your candle jars of wax once the candle is done. Great to reuse in the bathroom for cotton balls or q-tips:-)

Use cake stands or tiered plant stands to declutter your bathroom counters