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How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds Select the best fruit. Scoop out the seeds & membrane. Place in mason jar & top with water. Cover & label. Set in warm place for 2-7 days. Wait for the mold - the seeds should sink to the bottom. Pour off the ferment, rinse the seeds. Dry in warm place a few days. Place in storage envelope, store in cool dry place til required. Toooo easy!

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds - Garden Therapy

Propagating Begonias - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Propagating Begonias - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

How To Grow New Fig Trees Using Green Moss - This cutting has been inside of the moss for about 2 weeks and in that time the cutting has developed some strong roots. So now it is time to plant the newly rooted cutting into some soil. It really is quite amazing.

DIY Seed Starting Mix Recipes :: Five Little Homesteaders

Seed Starting Mix Recipe - Five Little Homesteaders

Take Cuttings from Fresh Herb Plants and Restart them for your own Garden ~ Creative Cain Cabin

What Is A Forsythe Pot And How Is It Used for propagation.

Forsythe Pot Basics – What Is A Forsythe Pot And How Is It Used

Compostable Brown Paper Seedling Pots :: Hometalk

Compostable Brown Paper Seedling Pots

If you have leftover seeds or aren’t ready to plant your seeds when they arrive, you’ll need to store them properly to ensure good germination. Here are our top 10 tips for storing seeds. | From Organic Gardening

Best Seed Storing Tips: Organic Gardening

Seed Saving~Knowing which type of seeds to harvest and right time to and save seeds for replanting is essential. Plants need to be an open-pollinated variety, and tomatoes seeds should be harvested when the fruit is ripe, but cucumber and eggplant seeds need to come from overripe plants. Learn 5 steps to successful seed saving on this site.

metal storage shelf, full-spectrum florescent lights, and a timer - she tells you how she sets it all up for her seed starting station

A Tour Of The Indoor Seed Starting Rack