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The British 5th Regiment of Foot 5th Foot later Northumberland Fusiliers and now the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The American Revolution - 6th Continental Regiment. he US 6th Continental Regiment was raised in Massachusetts and took part in the siege of Boston, Saratoga, in the defence of Philadelphia, at Monmouth Court House and in Rhode Island

The American Revolution - The British 5th Regiment of Foot 'Northumberland'.

George Washington Inaugural button from the J. Harold Cobb collection. Bordered with "General Washington"

George Washington Inaugural button. Impressed with "Long Live The King"!!!

Button bearing George Washington’s portrait, produced after his inauguration, c. 1789.

Washington, George: button with portrait

Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary General, Patriot, Established first sniper-focused, rifle-team tactics in the history of US infantry. American Revolutionary War

minutemanworld: dailyreenactor: IMG_3751 lr-1 by MonumentBoy on Flickr. I absolutely love this image. (The unit is the 1st Delaware—I recognize the caps.) The 1st Delaware was raised in 1776 for the new Continental Army for service in New York They were one of the best organized and trained regiments in the entire Continental Army and did great service in the New York and Long Island campaign, as well as at Trenton. The regiment would see action in most of the major battles in the north, and Haslett would be killed in the Battle of Trenton.

Diplomatic uniform coat, 1790s, silk. "This blue silk coat belonged to Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1746-1825), South Carolina lawyer, statesman and politician. Pinckney was the son of Judge Charles Pinckney and famed Eliza Lucas. Although he fought in the Revolutionary War, it is more likely that this coat is from his service as Ambassador to France under George Washington and John Adams."

Regimental Coat of Lt. Colonel Benjamin Holden Coat of Doolitle's Minute Regiment. Holden fought at Bunker Hill and Fort Washington where he was wounded and captured.

George Washington Linked Sates Inaugural Button from the inauguration in 1789.

George Washington's Christening Cup, Alexander Kincaid, ca. 1732 Scotland, presented to 2-month-old George Washington at the time of his Baptism, April 3, 1732, 3 1/8” height. From the collections of the Charleston Museum.

Enamel George Washington Mourning Ring

Pendant of George 1777...Watercolor on ivory by Charles Peale

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