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Lou Lou girls : Orange Creamsicle Popcorn

D&C 46-62: The Children of Joseph and Emma Smith

LDS Memes - Scriptures - D&C 88:124

Connect four. I made a grid with painters tape on the floor. Then I put S.M. Clues on the back of sticky notes and put them face down in the squares. A team tosses their color bean bag on the square and then has 15 seconds to find the scripture. If they fail, the other team has 15 seconds to find the passage and win the square. The first team to have 4 in a row wins

Ideas for getting to know youth in a short amount of time.

making food storage powdered milk taste amazing

Sourdough Starter & Bread recipe - "...if you’re new to sourdough and don’t yet own a kitchen scale, instant-read thermometer, stand mixer, baking stone, or proofing baskets, don’t worry. You can make this bread and it will be delicious."

Sourdough Starter - shows day-by-day photos of what the starter should look like. Great for beginning bread bakers!

Really good sourdough bread recipe! I use this dough to make rolls and hamburger and hot dog buns.

Brown Sugar Shortbread Toffee Cookie Bars.. A ruch brown sugar shortbread, smothered with a sweetened condensed caramel sauce topped with mi...

Free True Friends Subway Art Printable

heating pad cover. Thats cute!

Here is the link to the actual calculator: And here is the link to the instructions:

Bumbleberry Jam. A delicious jumble of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries!

5-Day-A-Week Scripture Mastery

Scripture Mastery Bingo

Cat and Mouse scripture mastery game| Mormon Share