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Tami Engel

Tami Engel

I'm a former teacher turned stay-at-home mama of two beautiful kiddos, Katie is 5 and Noah is 7. This is what inspires me... enjoy!

Seek God first always. Love God most. Worship no other.

6 Reasons Why These Magic Mixes Will Cause You To So Deeply Regret All Those Years and Dollars You Wasted On Commercial Products That You May Need Grief Counseling

Anyone who blogs will LOVE this site! A place where Mean Comments go to die! LOL!

Our New Boy!!!! We need a name though. I want something different than Ray.Ray is an adoptable Boxer Dog in Yucaipa, CA. This lovable little pup is destined to grow into the worlds largest lap dog. He loves everyone, and has an extremely large curiosity. He's going to grow u...

  • Tami Engel

    Very happy for you guys... I'm glad you found a new pup.... He's adorable! We need to have a puppy playdate!

  • Kathye Hatesrunning

    Oh my he is soo tiny! At 5 months he was 50lbs

If You Give A Mom A Pinterest Account {A short story inspired by "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"}

a mother's prayer by tina fey. clever, lovely and so true.

I guess im weird

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