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Real marriage can be hard. If you've ever questioned whether all the messiness is really worth the effort, you will not want to miss these 5 secrets of a happy marriage. A must read whether you've been married for 15 minutes or 15 years!

5 Secrets of a Happy Marriage - Living Well Spending Less™

Marriage quote | Time-Warp Wife - There’s nothing more beautiful on this earth than walking through life with your best-friend by your side, unless it’s making a family with that best friend which is one blessing on top of another.

Keep your marriage brimming with love...

Love Quotes

Love Quotes - Quotation Inspiration

Marriage. I love my husband.

10 compliments your husband needs to hear

10 compliments your husband needs to hear

"I'm here not because I am supposed to be here or, because I'm trapped here, but because I'd rather be with you than anywhere else in the world."

I'd Rather Be With You - Happy Wives Club

Penny Date Rules: 1. Get dressed to go out and grab a penny. 2. Let your husband choose a number between 10-20. This will be the number of times you flip the penny. 3. Pull out of the driveway and begin. Heads is right. Tails is left. 4. Every time you come to an intersection, flip the penny and turn the corresponding direction. 5. Once you get to the number stop. Look around. Make a date where you are.

Ephesians 5:33 Wife: Friday Date Idea: Penny Date


Marriage has the Power - Happy Wives Club

shel silverstein, quotes, sayings, weakness, poetry

shel silverstein, quotes, sayings, weakness, poetry

Resolutions for a Better Marriage

Resolutions for a Better Marriage... | Postris

"I love you" means that I accept you for the person that you are

Pray for your marriage every day.

Daily Odd Compliment: I pretty much only feel comfortable when I'm around you. You're like the sweatpants of my life

I love My husband.. we have been through it, and I love him still, even more.