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13th Hour

Tales from Light to Midnight

From light tales of legends and love to dark stories of ancient beasts and angry wives, 13th Hour will delight you, mystify you and perhaps make you cringe.

"The Heron" A man with a criminal background tries to love a mysterious woman, but his greed spells her demise.

"Feeding Suspicions" A wife who suspects her husband is cheating on her, attempts to feed him to death.

"Desmond, Casey and The Stonemason" A wealthy man falls in love with Roman sarcophagi. His wife falls in love with the mason who carves him one.

"Apple" A man must face a difficult choice as he and his wife struggle through a post-apocalyptic world.

"The Toad" Portland, Oregon, is the backdrop for this retelling of a medieval Italian folk story.

"The Text" - Make sure you know who (and what) your friends are before responding to their texts. It could save your life.

"Transcription of Taxi 6473" A police transcriptionist forces his sergeant to examine the truth when an Egyptian god claims a New York taxi driver.

"L'Uomo Cotto" - A struggling restauranteur brings his place back from the brink and helps solve the over-population problem.