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Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or old hand at the stove, Soup for You provides easy and healthy recipes for thirteen mouth-watering soups along suggestions for how to make the soups into a meal. Each recipe features notes on how to adjust the soup to your tastes, and hints and tips on side dishes, breads and drinks to make each soup into a meal. Written with plenty of heart and a good dose of humor, the author encourages you to stop making excuses and get cooking!

With homemade Chili you can make it as spicy or as mild as you like. Vegetarians will love the recipe in Soup for You. But don't worry carnivores, you can always add the meat of your choice.

If you crave Hot and Sour Soup but don't feel like going out, you can always make some at home. Why not start now with a free sample recipe from Soup for You at

Any winter squash from butternut to pumpkins can be used for a batch of irresistible Roasted Squash Soup.

Even if you can't afford a trip to Ireland, you can make your own bowl of Leek & Potato Soup to make yourself feel like you're there. Combine it with the Irish Soda Bread recipe from Soup for You and you're set.

Like all recipes in Soup for You, Simple Dumplings start out vegetarian but offer suggestions to adapt the recipe for meat eaters. Few things can warm you up and satisfy your craving for comfort food like dumplings!

A dollop of pesto in each bowl adds a burst of flavor to Italian White Bean Soup.

Vegetable Soup is a perfect and tasty way to squeeze in several servings of vegetables including cabbage, carrots, celery and whatever else might delight your taste buds.

Egg Flower Soup takes only about 30 minutes to make and is easier than ordering take out. Well, almost easier.

You will never want to buy canned cream of mushroom soup again after trying the super easy recipe Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe in Soup for You.

Split Pea Soup is simple and filling. The recipe in Soup for You is vegetarian, but offers tips for the carnivores out there.

Soup for You also gives you four recipes for breads to go with your soup: Steamed Dumplings, Irish Soda Bread, Naan and Homemade Corn Bread.

Soup can help you lose weight! Penn State researchers showed that people who ate a vegetable based soup before their main meal consumed 20% fewer calories than those who didn't.

One of the great things about soup is that one batch can yield plenty of leftovers. This means that hour spent in the kitchen will save you time later, and who doesn't like saving time?

Store bought soup contains more than half of your daily recommended salt intake. With homemade soup, you control the salt content and ingredient quality.