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Cheers to the parents who thought, "Lets give her a mullet.. then perm the top."

to funny! business in the front party in the back lol

GIGGLES 110!! **05/10**

80's hair OMG

Acid Picdump (98 pics)

a Preachullet-preacher-man mullet. curly preachullets are indeed a rare breed.


I have no idea what is going on here but there's just too much awesomeness not to share!

This could come in quite handy if traveling to Portland, Austin, or various college towns. . .

redneck pick up lines

redneck pick up lines - Dump A Day

The ever so versatile mullet

The ever so versatile mullet

hmmm... Can you imagine wth the person taking the picture was thinking as they discussed this photoshoot?

He Accidently His Shirt

I didn't think there was any hairdo worse than a mullet...guess I was wrong.

Ok now if you remember them u need to repin it.....I even remember the name of this duo..Do you?

This was the original 'Google Phone' presented in 2006

Don't know what's more disturbing. The tong, the mullet,or the fact he went to Sears to get his portrait taken.

Business in the front so much party in the back - The Meta Picture

The dreaded mullet…

Glamour shot

In it's defense, the great and spectacular thing about the mullet was that it didn't discriminate with gender. It was equally devastatingly ugly on both.

Just a mullet and his harmony...