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make your own bouncy balls , plus 14 other Favorite Science Experiments for Kids

10 Ways for Moms to Respect their Sons--an excellent article for moms raising sons to be Godly men. One of the best things I've read on raising boys!

Enable “Kid Mode” on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. How did I not know about this before? Best pin yet! Amazing!!!

Letting kids LIVE - seriously an awesome list of easy things for kids. about 100 things for a 1-3yo child to do!

They are listening. 19 things we need to say to our children consistently - one of the best lists I have seen... Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Cover hand in shortening to demonstrate how fat keeps animals warm in winter. kids LOVE this experiment

Anyone who has a young child or is a teacher for young children, this lady's blog is BRILLIANT with fun learning ideas.

How to make your bath water glow and other totally awesome things to do with your kids.

A great list of things to do that are away from the TV!

Cool blog for toddler activities, especially for boys. This mom is cre-a-TIVE! More importantly, even though you might think of some of these ideas, now you've got them all in one place to REMIND you!

New Research Shows that Kids With Patient Moms Have Larger Hippocampus (Area of the Brain). But What is a Mom to Do if the Kids Constantly Fight and Whine? Child expert gives ideas on keeping your cool