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fun crafts to do with embroidery thread | Spool People - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids ...

DIY Framed Up Thread Holder I have done this but remember to put them at a angle up or they come off easy...makes finding the thread you need much easier than going thru a thread box

Corking also called Knitting Nancy or Spool Knitting is an easy knitting tool to make yourself and has many practical uses. With it, you can make...

Also from Creativity Direct is this tutorial to make Bobbin Pixies from old spools of thread or bobbins. Click the link to get the know-how.

We can't afford expensive pool furniture so I made some. Got the spools from Frontier (free), painted them and then stapled a vinyl table cloth to it!! FUN!

Nice repurpose project: A rocking chair from a cable spool:) Paint would make it perfect!

Finished product!! Our pallet furniture and spool coffee table!! Lots of work but so worth it!!

Very cool patio table made from a cable spool. I love it and you can get these cable spools free from utility companies.