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Supernatural Inspired - Driver Picks The Music. Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole. - A Hand Stamped Aluminum Keychain on Etsy, $12.95

I'm Missing World of Warcraft for THIS WoW Gamer by TheAardvark, $20.00

" Douchebag Jar... to put money in during the entire relationship so when you realize hes a douche you can go buy yourself something pretty to forget how much of an asshole he is :)" I kind of want to do this!

Oh I know some mama's that better not misplace their game shirts or they'll be returned with this on the back! :P

Omg ALL THE TIME at work! LOL

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad...because you think of random, amazing stuff in the shower and then get out and forget it. Genius.

Inappropriate and Hilarious Elf on a Shelf

Solo Cup measurements

hahahah...kinda like damnyouautocorrect but this site is full of bad things people's kids have done =)

Hilarious site called, "Pinterest, You Are Drunk" all about the most ridiculous stuff found on Pinterest. Ok this is now my favorite site