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Our newest installment for our graphic series takes a look at some eye-popping numbers related to preparations for the thousands of people who will soon descend on Tampa Bay.

XXX Marks the spot (or does it?) For better or for worse, Tampa , host city to the 2012 RNC, has a reputation as a mecca for adult entertainment. We take a look at some of the facts and figures and let you be the judge.

In the Zone: Protesters and participants you can expect to see during RNC 2012 When Tampa hosts the 2012 GOP Convention in August, along with the swarm of journalists and media, delegates and politicians, the city is also expecting approximately 10,000 protestors who will show their passion in various ways on a diverse array of issues. From occupiers to peace lovers and war veteran protestors, we take a graphic look at their general causes and tactics.

"Strip clubs swivel online to entice RNC visitors" 2001 Odyssey dancers with stage names Danielle, left, and Georgia show the “Make it Rain” machine. Customers can log onto the website, watch streaming video and shower dollars.

#Tampa police study Chicago protests to hone RNC 2012 strategy.

Infographic - Conventional Wisdom: Florida's weather in August

A GOP convention protester's playbook covers pepper spray to prison time. #RNC2012

Revving up the Marco Rubio Veep-O-Meter

Tampa strip clubs preparing for bonanza from Republican National Convention

Tampa officials want more time to work on ground rules for GOP convention protests

Rick Santorum suspends presidential campaign. By Alex Leary, Times Staff Writer

Puerto Rico a force in Florida voting

200 bicycle patrol officers to work Republican National Convention. These officers can make arrests and provide first aid. They'll be armed.

2012 Republican National Convention: Guide to Tampa. Beaches. Restaurants. Nightlife. Attractions.

Candidate profile: Ron Paul spreading same message as always, resonating finally

Candidate profile: Rick Santorum 2012 modeled after Mike Huckabee 2008

Candidate profile: Surviving valleys brings Newt Gingrich to a new peak

Candidate profile: Mitt Romney leads 2012 field, but many Republicans pine for someone else. By Adam C. Smith, Times Political Editor

Downtown businesses worry that Republican National Convention may hurt sales. By Justin George, Times Staff Writer

The RNC will be hosted in Tampa in August 2012 and we have everything you need to know on the candidate race, things to do, political analysis, etc. on the official Tampa Bay Times RNC page.