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Nutmeg to erase acne scars - teaspoon of nutmeg mixed with tablespoon of honey into a paste and apply to marks for 30 minutes and rinse. Even faster results can be achieved by mixing a teaspoon nutmeg with a tablespoon milk. Apply to scars daily and rinse after 20 minutes. Be careful because milk mixture can burn sensitive skin. Moisturize after.

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debt-snowball no debt but good for some people, good teaching tool for kids to stay out of debit!!!

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Hilarious and well written article about weening: I Guess I Forgot to Wean My Baby: "Another said I should wean now, you know, unless I still wanted to be nursing a 14-year-old in the future. Really, guy? 14? So I can either stop nursing at 6 months old or we'll be topping her off before she takes her first algebra test?"

i LOVE this tree for the tattoo im getting on my back! I can have the owl and broken pocket watch added in along with the quote about family i decide to get

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Tattoo - okay so I really want this but omg wouldn't that just kill?!

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