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Best seed tape ever! Yup you guessed it toilet paper! Planting tiny seeds is easy with this simple gardening trick!

Did you know that cornmeal is birth control for seeds? Sprinkle it on your garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing into plants. Of course, cornmeal will keep any seed from germinating, so don’t try this on your vegetable garden until your plants are established and you’ve finished planting seeds.

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts...they grow like a weed!!

Starting seeds? Get much better germination rates when you nick the hard seed coat first. This lets in moisture faster and enables the germinating shoot to emerge easily.

Seed starting how-to | Garden Gate eNotes

Sprout Seeds Overnight...with Scarification!

4x1 dwf cherry (Glacier/Montmorency/E. Francis/Lapins/E. Burlat)

How to grow your own cranberries- no bog needed.

Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Plants: Quince Tree

How to Grow Raspberries: Raspberry Growing Requirements - Soil, Location, Water, Mulch. Difference between Summer Bearing and Fall Bearing Raspberries.

This is a portable greenhouse, good to start seeds or small vegetables (basil, parsley, salad, cilantro...).

Lady bugs are a natural pest control. Keep more of them around by filling a 4"x1' long tube with sticks. The lady bugs will make it their home and watch over your garden.

Place a rasin inside the bamboo

Very smart! Rinse veggies right in the garden and then re-use the water on the plants. Plastic bucket and small laundry basket/colander from Dollar Tree would do nicely.

Composting Guide

Grow mustard as a cover crop and mulch.“The advantage of sowing mustard are that it disinfects and regenerates the soil, it stimulates the life of the soil and curbs nematodes, especially potato root eelworm..."

Video ~ Making your own potting soil is quick and easy. You'll not only save money, but you'll end up with a higher quality product than what you can buy at the store. Not to mention you'll know exactly what's in it - no chemical fertilizers, fillers and other things you don't want to be growing vegetables in.

Creative Pallet Planter Ideas!

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