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Patterns That Inspire Me to Zentangle...they can be from anything, a pattern in a sweater, frost on a window, a puzzle in the newspaper. Makes my fingers itch to grab a fresh sheet of crisp, white paper and a black Sharpie marker! SO relaxing!

A touch of pink . Wendy H. June 2014

Brown and gold garden. Wendy H. May 2014.

'Watching the Numbers & Letters' ...L.Heuston 6/14

  • Wendy Harper

    Hello beautiful , I'm so glad to see you. :-) . Hope you are feeling a bit better . This is lovely , I like the dangles with letters , cute. :-) . Missed you , was going to email tonight if I hadn't seen you . Xx ♥

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ λℛʐƱ ΣτҚ¡η  şᴱƝ

    Hey girls..finaly we're together .Linda are you fine ? Please say yes! I know the artists are affected by the live events..This is so beautiful my friend after getting over I'll be wait a new one..I hope see you soon again hon..please take care!!

'Wendy Loves Green'...L. Heuston 5/14. It may be simple, but it's green & it's for you friend! Lol! =)

  • Wendy Harper

    Aww thanks gorgeous. It's lovely , I'm very spoiled . ♥♥

Flowery rock . This is my 3rd try , this rock is about 20cm across . Not varnished yet . Wendy H. May 2014

Wendy H. 25. May 2014

patterns and colors of Mother Nature - food is truly beautiful :) Would make an awesome tangle pic!

  • Wendy Harper

    The colours and patterns are wonderful , and beautiful . It would be an awesome tangle pic . X

Quilt . Wendy H. May 2014

Card for a work mate leaving , after 9 yrs to be closer to her family . The banner goes across the inside with 'we'll miss you ' Max . Wendy H. May 2014

Green, green , green !!! Wendy H. May 2014.

Summer Bliss /Painted Rock/ Sandi Pike Foundas by LoveFromCapeCod, $69.00

  • Wendy Harper

    Hi Linda , wow I think I'll sell my rocks if I can gwt this much!!! Lol . Hello Linda's sis , I love this girl she makes me laugh and always loves my tangles . :-)

  • Linda Heuston

    Hehe! Donna, this is my sweet Twister, Wendy from Australia I mentioned...Wendy this is my sis Donna who I've mentioned! And I give poor Wendy a 'big fat head' she must carry around, but she deserves it cuz her work is seriously awesome! Donna you gotta check out the rocks she's already done ...and at this price, one could get rich! =)

  • Wendy Harper

    There goes my head again , will have to lay down it gettin heavy lol. Hi Donna , I'm sending a hug for you to pass on to Linda from me xx

  • Linda Heuston

    Do you mean this stone?!

  • Wendy Harper

    No I posted one I did will send it again .

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