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Cutest anniversary idea // Okay, maybe I should have started 14 years ago, but whatever.

Cutest anniversary idea…

Pretty cool, never thought of that... plus a great ten year aniversary gift from the groom

Wedding Scents | Strand Style

Please Call Anyone But the Bride -- Providing your guests with a list of important phone numbers and people designated to help if someone needs anything will be a LIFESAVER on your wedding day. The bride has stressed this day for months, or even years... let someone else take over on the wedding day!

Florelsket ['förälskad' in Swedish] (noun) : The euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love.

Best pick up line ever.

Food Passport! You write down 50 local places you've never been and then visit one per week for the year as a date - no more "You choose." "No, you choose."

Keep your wedding cake forever! Send pictures into this company and they will make an ornament that looks exactly like your cake

The dresses start getting lighter until they turn white when the bride walks in

when you love somebody.

"The morning of my wedding i was handed this. It was a gift from my (at the time fiancé). 4 dirty old pennies on a keyring. Each one had a significant date. 1988 for the year he was born. 1990 for the year i was born. 2010 for the year we met and became a couple. 2012 for the year we got married. I got so teary eyed when i realized the significance of this. I tied it into my bouquet and walked down the aisle with them close to me.He put these together for me and they are now my lucky charms.

wedding photo turned artistic illustration by almostnoelle on Etsy, $20.00...gonna have to get a couple of these!! Super cute idea!!

They took all of the text messages they got the day the baby was born and put them into a photo book.

The traditional processional order. I love wedding tips, there is so much to remember!

I love that Westley and Buttercup are on this! But I would replace some of the more "tragic" couples... Especially Romeo and Juliet. It might be "romantic" but I don't want my wedding day to be compared to Shakespeare's most well-known tragedy...

Table numbers with pictures of couple at that age. Haaaaaaaa

The bridsemaids give their favorite love story to the bride - they write a note inside and gift to the bride after the wedding. This is awesome for brides who love reading. :)