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A PINTALOOSA shall be defined as any horse which is the result of breeding a Pinto or Paint horse to an Appaloosa horse. The pintaloosa horse may exhibit only pinto or appaloosa markings, both types of markings, or no markings at all. IPSHR requires proof of appaloosa lineage if appaloosa coloring (Lp or PATN) is not visible. To maintain registration with IPSHR, Pintaloosa breeding horses must be bred to any Appaloosa or another Pintaloosa.

Unique face marking on this foal

Pearl dilution is a recently identified and rare color gene that is thought to have originated in horses of Spanish descent. The presence of the Pearl gene has been confirmed in breeds of Iberian origin, such as the Lusitano and Purebred Spanish horse, and is theorized to be present in the Spanish Mustang.   In the American Quarter and American Paint horses, Pearl dilution is regularly referred to as the 'Barlink Factor.'  Although the gene is distinct, the affect of Pearl dilution is similar...

Perlino Lusitano Portuguese breed closely related to the Spanish Andalusian horse. Until the 1960s they were considered one breed. Originally bred for war, dressage and bullfighting, the Portuguese and Spanish dressage teams have ridden this breed of horse in several Olympic and World Equestrian Games. They can be any solid color.

LaRen Stud - Mares

Picasso Twist, sabino or possibly minimal dominate white thoroughbred colt bred by Blazing Colours Farm

Horse American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Indian pony solid tovero overo frame sabino tobiano rabicano