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There are many ways to care for dairy goats naturally, without chemical intervention. The information in this article is not meant as the definitive treatment for every goat situation. This article is not intended to replace the advice of any veterinarian, but rather to help those considering alternate health treatments for their goat.

Providing goat care and feeding information for goat breeders and hobbyists - dairy & meat goats - Nubian, Boer, and other breeds.We'll be...

The majority of goats will grow horns. The horns start growing shortly after they are born. A lot of goats particularly dairy goats get dehorned shortly after birth. This is done because horned goats have a habit of getting their horns stuck in fences etc. and can hurt themselves that way. Horn related injuries can also occur between goats. A lot of people think that only bucks grow horns. This is not correct. Both the does and bucks can grow horns

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    Unlike cattle, it is not possible to breed a pure poll breed of dairy goats, although there are some poll animals in each breed. Poll goats should never be bred together; always make sure one parent would have had horns, otherwise you will get hermaphrodites and also more males kids born.

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