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7 sneaky ways to give your kids writing practice

Seven Sneaky Ways to Give Your Kids Writing Practice

How Charlie Brown and Snoopy became the best of friends

How Charlie Brown and Snoopy became the best of friends

“Peas and beans help corn by restoring to the soil the nitrogen used up by the corn…. Melons, squash, pumpkins and cucumbers like the shade provided by corn. In turn, they benefit the corn, protecting it from the depredations of raccoons, which do not like to travel through thick vines. Similarly, pole beans may be planted with corn to climb on the stalks.”

Companion Planting for Successful Gardening


Well-deserved vacation…

HOW TO MAKE LEAF STAMP ART - by Mr. Otter Studio

The cutest loop

The cutest loop

Kankudai by Mahiro(7-year-old girl) This little girl can totally beat the sh*t out of you. But she's still super cute!

Rainbow Science Experiments for Kids

Rainbow Science Experiments - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Easy science experiments for kids

Simple Science Experiments for Kids - One Perfect Day

An easy science experiment for kids using ice, water, and salt.

Science for Kids: Ice Experiment ~ Reading Confetti

10 Math & Science activities for kids that you can do outside. #STEM

Math & Science Outside - No Time For Flash Cards

Make a Rock...simple science activity for kids

How to Make a Rock with Kids