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Premier Jewelry Party!!

Email me at for pricing on any of the Premier Jewelry items you see here! I'm not a consultant; I'm just hosting a party, but I thought this would be a fun way for people to pre-shop! :) Don't know me? Feel free to reach out and I'll connect you with my consultant! :) #PremierJewelry #Premier #Jewelry #favorite #style

Here's a great video for those of you who own the awesome Costa Rica necklace by Premier Designs. There are so many different ways to wear this necklace, but I could never remember how to get them to work. This is a great tutorial on how to wear it. Please contact me, Wendy, @ mailto:wrphil413@... if interested in purchasing any of these pieces!!! :)

  • Roxanne Smith-Paul

    She is fantastic...very uplifting nice to listen to. :-)

  • Courtney Nicole

    I'm hosting a party this month as well and just wanted to give you kudos on this. Fantastic idea for pre-shopping!

  • Joyce Brindley

    I need to find a consultant, to replace one of my favorite rings! Love this stuff!

The Resort, a spectacular piece that grabs the good kind of attention ;), $59

  • Nicole Desantis

    can you wear this necklace different ways

  • Nicole Desantis

    can you make it longer by using the pearl strand as the part that goes behind your neck? i hope that makes sense lol

"Costa Rica" necklace $61 "Rumba" earrings $35 and "Woven" bracelet $46. Premier Designs Jewelry

Accessorize with Premier Designs Jewelry! ~ Bauble On Necklace, Bracelet & Ring with Pure Sophistication earrings and Sparkle N Shine Bracelets.

$36.00: See anything you like on this board? Email me! This is the consultant's board who is doing my Premier Jewelry Party! :) You can order ahead whether you're coming in person or not! :) ~Tara

New York Nights, created by debbie-houston-angulo on Polyvore. Urbanite Necklace & earrings or Cha-Cha earrings for a little va-va voom!

Premier Designs - Featured pieces are Eugenia necklace (with added ribbon and flower), Posh bracelet and Take Two earrings

Leopard necklace, Piping Hot earrings, Style Watch, Mink Ring....Meow.

The Botanical Necklace, only $27 from Premier Designs!

The wrap it up bracelet is one of our designer inspired pieces retailing for less than half of similar pieces( less than $40)!!!!

Manhattan-Set with Romance-Enhancer - Premier Designs

"Main Event" necklace and bracelet. "Elan" earrings "Black Tie" ring, and "Night Watch."