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Teacher Rules 1914

  • Tara Benwell

    There are a variety of different activities you could do with this in the classroom! Have your students rewrite the rules for other decades. Have your students do a little research and rewrite the rules for teachers in other countries. Change the title to Rules for students ~ 1914 and rewrite the rules. Change the title to Rules for Doctors or other professions. Teach the idiom "old school". Think about which rule is the worst, the best, the most ridiculous, etc. Have fun!

How to make the most of your Compact Camera - A guest post by Chiew Pang Lots of great tips and useful vocabulary for English learners.

Guest Post: How to Make the Most of your Compact Camera

Weekly Writing Prompts for English learners. Try the prompt each Friday on If you post your response on a MyEC blog, you'll receive feedback from English teachers.

Writing Prompts | EnglishClub

Crocodiles Tear Up While Eating - Interesting Facts in Easy English (a new audio entry with quiz every Thursday on

Crocodiles Tear Up While Eating

How to Introduce Yourself - with audio and worksheet

How to Introduce Yourself in English | Sprout English

Young kids often giggle when they see things that don’t seem quite right! Get your youngest English learners giggling (and learning) with these silly Odd One Out games and activities.

Introducing yourself in English is one of the first things students should learn. Sprout English's Simple Present – Be lesson in the Basic Grammar Structures section of the Grammar School gives students plenty of chances to practice this!

Simple Present – Be | Sprout English

Countable or Uncountable? Design your own Buffet. (Group activity for young #English learners)

Countable or Uncountable Food: Our Buffet | Sprout English

50 Insane Facts about Canada

LOOK: 50 Surprising Facts About Canada

Learn personality adjectives with these self-study lessons about the zodiac. Who is your soulmate? Includes audio.

Happy Grammar Day! Check out all of these useful #grammar teaching tips.

All of the Winter Olympic materials you need in one place!

PhraseMix is the best site for Visual Learning!

January is Eye Care Awareness Month. Here is a fun poster of Eye Idioms.

Eye Idioms ~ Download our Free Poster | ESL Library Blog

Find out which animal represents your birthyear. Includes audio, quick facts, and glossary for English learners.

Checkout the Christmas Flashcards on

A holiday song for English learners!

Simple Present Vs. Present Progressive Chart