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2 teams. Roll a large dice. Play a song. When the piano stops a player from each team writes out the next words to the song (how many words depend on what they rolled with the dice.)

Fathers Day singing time idea: Take pictures of the hands of different dads in the ward, and have the children guess whose hands they are, then sing that dads favorite Primary song.

David and Goliath singing time idea, another chorister said her kids loved it, so I but ours would too!

Easy review idea, child shakes the carton and wherever the marble (or other item) lands that is how you sing or what you practice. I want to try this!

A Minute to Win It primary singing time review idea

Sound boxes on the floor, kids hop through as we sing the song? How else could you use something simple like this?

Learning to follow activity, which would be so fun! Mime style, you dont talk and go through singing time teaching the children to follow your cues!

Potato Head Play: The children get to pick a piece, it corresponds with a song, and then they get to switch it with a different part! Simple and fun!

Hello song variation, we do this and my primary kids love it! Each week we sing "Hello" in a different language! Japanese is their favorite "Moshi moshi!"

I know many people have tried Musical primary kids LOVE it! I usually start by putting them on me and telling the children if they sing well they will "catch" the measles. I enlist the Primary Presidency to go around and spread them to some of the children. Then I give some to the teachers and while we sing the teachers add musical measles to the children in each class who are singing well. Finally, I give some to the kids who are singing well (EVERYONE by that time!) and the tea...

Introduce your Easter songs by putting each one into an egg. Or another idea would be to hide the eggs around the room for the kids to hunt. Perhaps paper eggs taped to the bottom of chairs. Many possibilities here.

Balloon Ping Pong! Let's not pretend that all of us wouldn't get into a game of this. I am sure this could be used in singing time in some creative way! Maybe like the children sing until someone misses the balloon, or you hum while they are playing and when the balloon hits the floor you have to start singing the words.