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DOCG in the Cosmopolitan... Delicious! Kale Salad to curl your toes paired with the short ribs that slide down your throat quite nicely.

CARROT NOODLES IN PEANUT SAUCE - a house in the hills

Acadiana (Washington D.C.) - Yum...what can one say other than lucky find when you are having to work at the Convention Center as it is right across the street. Louisiana deliciousness... Loved the BBQ shrimp, crab cakes ooh-la-la, jalapeno grits, collard greens and Abita root beer. That's right the best root beer on tap.

Cafe Carolina....Delicious, fresh and definitely a must experience place to visit if you are in the Valley.

Lagusta's Luscious... Would love to go there.

A Lovely Morning at Lagusta's Luscious

LiNEaGe - Fabulous restaurant in Coolidge Corner, Boston. My man enjoyed the most delicious scallops and the lobster taco appetizers was out of this world. Although this find features seafood I must confess I had the best burger and fries that I can remember. Go figure...

The Soul of Italy in the Heart of Baltimore. Has to be one of the best Italian Restaurants in Baltimore. The service was impeccable and the food out of this world.

Loved this downtown restaurant in Baltimore. Was keen on having scallops. However, as they were the most popular of the evening they were not available. So, I opted for putting together my own vegetarian meal out of all their delicious side dishes. I must say they simply out did themselves. The dessert of Burnt Orange Frozen Mousse with Candied Kumquats was the most heavenly treat I have ever experienced.