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Tara Tainton

Tara Tainton

Purveyor of Premium Fantasy Fulfillment, Performer & Luminary of the Tara Tainton Experience... Catalog of the World's Most Sought-After Online Erotic Audio & V

Dressing up & getting ready....

The cups half full or half empty?

Can you guess what I'm thinking about?

  • Thomas Christensen

    You are thinking, "What kind of sensual mischief can I can get myself into?" Then again, you could be thinking, "Who wants to play with me?" Either way, I am sure you will have a number of volunteers.

Ha ha!

Something with my shoe...

  • Thomas Christensen

    Are you sure there is not something in your d├ęcolletage? I would not mind taking a look.

It all begins here...

It's just a foot... or is it more? ;)

Just one of those days...

What is it about thigh-high stockings?

  • Thomas Christensen

    Ms. Tainton, I am positive your legs would look positively scrumptious in those stockings. Of course, they would look even better sans panties.

Time for school?


Can you follow along?