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"Geek means being an outsider, a rebel, a dreamer, a creator, a fighter. It's a person who dares to love something that isn't conventional." ~Felicia Day

5,333 Pins


  • 5,333 Pins

List of movies mentioned in Gilmore Girls. YOU'RE WELCOME.

[AUDIO] Jensen singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (snippet) from Jason Mann's Christmas CD

Ryan Shukis has put together a new version of an Aladdin trailer, incorporating music used in The Hobbit and cutting masterfully. | This Intense Re-Cut Of "Aladdin" Will Make You Want To Watch It Again

Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé teamed up for this flawless cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” But instead of casting themselves as the stars of the music video, they cast two adorable kids… | Idina Menzel And Michael Bublé’s Kid Rendition Of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Will Get You In The Holiday Spirit

she did for all of womankind!!....also no one was actually meant to touch him....they all did hahah!!!


Oh, Shakespeare... -

Oh Dean I love you

Team Free Will

Mark's son Max - a chip off the old Mark! lol #BurCon2014 (sweatsandcoffee instagram)



If Tolkien worked in advertising.

Disney Post for Your Enjoyment.

[GIFSET] 10x05 Fan Fiction - this was PERFECT

Supernatural 10x06 Promo - Ask Jeeves [HD]

Dean Winchester and his favorite phrase. :) [GIF]

I knew it!


Angel Wings [To me, this includes everything so far... the shadow wings, the dead wings, the falling/burning wings...]

I have never seen anything more accurate in my life