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Louisiana GOP dumbass: "When I Voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, I Didn't Mean Muslim Ones" .What part of Religious Freedom does she not understand?

Jeffrey Toobin explains why Clarence Thomas's “behavior on the bench has gone from curious to bizarre to downright embarrassing.”

Clarence Thomas's Disgraceful Silence

If you want to know what a piece of shit looks he is.

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Maybe if the kids could give them as much money as the gun lobby, it would matter more to them.

thomas clark (thomasclark92) on Twitter

*No one* should be homeless, veteran, child or otherwise. | Shocking Values Embraced By Liberals

liberty of a democracy

Twitter / MrMirth: Could you imagine a Govt minister ...


Difference between war and revolution…

"The only way background checks take away your Second Ammendment rights are, my friends, if you're a criminal, a terrorist or insane. And, if you're all three, you're probable already a lobbyist for the NRA." ~John Fugelsang

The more republican congressmen you can buy the less taxes you pay.

  • Sharon ~

    I don't know about you, but the more republican congressmen they buy, the more taxes I pay...I'll be votin'

Republican incompetence has collapsed the economy, inflicted harm on the middle class and stagnated American infrastructure.

No more corporate tax cuts!! Talk about welfare queens! How easy would it be to balance the budget if we cut off subsidies to oil companies? And if our government officials retired to social security and medicare, would things be different?

Not fit to be in any position that requires mental capacity, let alone one of authority.