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Political Insanity

Reaganomics Tax Experiment Still Going Poorly in Kansas. In 2012, Kansas passed large tax cuts championed by Republican governor Sam Brownback and Ronald Reagan-affiliated economist Arthur Laffer, who said the move would create tens of thousands of jobs and result in "enormous prosperity." But the state has subsequently added jobs at a slower rate than neighboring states (and the country as a whole) while coming up against significant revenue shortfalls.

Reaganomics Tax Experiment Still Going Poorly in Kansas

Should the Poor Be Allowed to Vote? Voter-ID laws are part of a hoary American tradition holding that people who aren't economically independent can't make reasoned political choices.

Should the Poor Be Allowed to Vote?

The One National Holiday Republicans Want You to Forget

Jefferson on People

Pew Research Center | Fellowship of the Minds

Sarah Palin Shells Out 3 Percent of PAC Money to Endorsed Candidates. According to, Sarah Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC boasted $1.4 million in the third quarter—mighty impressive and an encouraging number for the candidates that constitute Palin's Picks, if only they actually received a good chunk of that money. But nope, Palin's PAC generously donated a meager $45,000 total to Republican candidates. That just over 3 percent. The generosity is really touching.

Senate Republicans halted a Democratic measure that would limit tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs and operations from the U.S. The plan would have denied U.S. companies a tax deduction for the costs of moving out of the country and provided a tax credit for companies bringing operations home. It wouldn’t have affected the trend of companies moving their legal addresses to other countries through transactions known as inversions.


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