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I'll Give It My All...Tomorrow


Alichino - the manga went unfinished, I never understood the plot, but the artwork blew me away.

Mars - one of my top 10 favorite titles.

CLAMP's X 1999. Too bad it will never be finished!

Higurashi: When They Cry - everyone in this manga is psychotic at some point!

Nana Osaki - the coolest anime character around.

Yuko, the time space witch from Holic. One of my favorite manga/anime characters of all time.

Loved this creepy anime. Too bad the last DVD wasn't released.

Miss Sakaki and her bad luck with animals, Mr. Tadakichi, Chiyo's dad - so much anime goodness!

If you think of Timotei shampoo when you see Kona-chan, you're a fan of Lucky Star.

Lucky Star (manga) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Haruhi Suzumiya!