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Behavior is an Iceberg

Things I can/ Cannot Control activity from The Creative Counselor: Small Groups

The Creative Counselor: Small Groups

Printable healing heart activity for children. Great for attachment, adjustment, grief and loss, and child to tap into some inner peace. #socialwork #playtherapy #mindfulness

In my heart… | Kristina Sargent

The perfect day worksheet

Communicrate worksheets

Friendship Rules Free Printable Worksheet. Find more anti-bullying supports at my store!

Friendship Rules- FREE Printable Graphic Organizer

cotton vs. sandpaper words Great lesson on Kind Words

Cotton vs. Sandpaper Words

Illustrate What We Would Learn about you if we could look inside your brain.

Self Portraits - Art Lesson Ideas

Friendship Rules- FREE Printable Graphic Organizer to discuss behaviors that are friendly (or not!) if you like this, check out the full product!

Friendship Rules- FREE Printable Graphic Organizer

Wall of happiness. What makes you smile? A good bulletin board idea. This could even be used to help decorate the hall.

Free Coping Skills Activities | Free downloadable Coping Skills Bingo game to ... | Contents Fragile ...

Contents Fragile: Handle with Care

Empathy Lesson Plan using the book "Stand in My Shoes"

The Responsive Counselor: "Stand in My Shoes" - Empathy Lesson

Back to back drawing game: You and your client sit back to back. One of you draws a picture, then help the other person draw the picture without telling you what it is. Among the obvious communication skills you are practicing, this is also a great self-awareness activity as your client has to be aware of what they draw to be able to explain their drawing to the other person, knowing their and your limitations.

Behavioral Interventions--For Kids!

FREE Play assessment guide (types, ages, social stages) - Repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Welcome to Kid Confidential: Let’s Play!

Kids don't always realize that they are doing things that are an invasion of personal space. This poster will teach kids to pay attention to the body language of others so that they can avoid becoming a personal space invader. If you like this worksheet, I encourage you to check out my "Race to Personal Space Board Game" www.teacherspayte...

Looking For Clues: Am I a Personal Space Invader?

Welcome Bags for Play Therapy - Kim's Counseling Corner

Welcome Bags for Play Therapy - Kim's Counseling Corner

Filter the Thoughts worksheet

Filter the Thoughts worksheet

Minecraft Incredible 5 Point Scale helps kids regulate. Great for kids with Autism, ADHD, and SPD. Updated - Includes and Excel file for customization.

Jacobs Family Blog: Self Regulation - Minecraft 5 Point Scale