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There are a number of different colour forms of the Dwarf Gourami available varying between stages of blue and red colour. forms has made the Dwarf. The Dwarf Gourami is a peaceful, timid fish, which should be kept with other peaceful fish in a well-planted aquarium with plenty of hiding spots. If several males are kept together, bullying does not occur so it is best to keep one male and one or more females, or a larger mixed group including several males. A mature aquarium is essential.

Multiple dog kennels with galvanised steel mesh rather than steel doors

Memories of my Childhood at the farm collecting eggs each morning for my nan!- cant wait to have my own farm for my own chicks

As soon as we have property like this our girls will have horses!

Jersey babies- if only i had a farm

Korats are a slate blue-grey short-haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build and a low percentage of body fat. Their bodies are semi-cobby, and surprisingly heavy for their size...Among Korats' distinguishing characteristics are their heart-shaped heads and large green eyes

Staffordshire Bull Terriers!!!:)

  • Tasha Holliss

    We have a purebred girl (papered) who will be bred from next yr.