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Tasha Pointer

Tasha Pointer

Hi I'm Tasha and I am married and have a little boy which is my life.

Blonde hair with brown underneath

Blonde hair with brown underneath.

Plant stand repurposed in bathroom.

10 great tips to help your baby sleep through the night at an early age! | Feathers in Our Nest

  • Becky Koch

    Exactly Kara!!!!

  • Laura Mann

    my son started started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. perfectly fed perfectly healthy. he's almost 2 now and go right to bed awake every night and sleeps from 8 to 630 am. A well established bedtime routine of bath boob/bottle blanky binking did the trick.. routine is important they must have one.

  • Joyce Purcell

    Routine is one thing sleep training is something else entirely. A 6 week old infant is too young to be trained to sleep. Like another person said sleeping through the night for an infant is relative. 4 or 5 hours is considered sleeping through the night. Follow your baby's lead they will tell you what they need.

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Ideas For Packing A Delicious, Healthy Lunch.

Make a boxed cake mix taste like a bakery cake. This is the cheat that I use for my cakes. Fabulous!!

All the designs are cute, too much all at the same time though. Love the color combinations.

Lavender and Chevron nails. May have found my wedding nails!! Darker purple though and maybe the chevron in blue?

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