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zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and beans up the wall; lettuce, peppers, cabbage underneath

Vertical gardens appeal to urban green thumbs

Plants that repel Mosquitos

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally - Infinity Lawn & Garden

mason jar herb garden

mystery-misc- 17

17 PLANTS YOU CAN GROW FROM KITCHEN SCRAPS:~growing avocados, leeks, onions, scallions, fennel, ect....

Preserving Basil

Susiej | Harvesting and Preserving Basil

How to grow apple tree from seed

Alternative Gardning: How to grow apple tree from seed

Tomatoes will tell you what they need! Here's a cool graphicfrom lots of interesting information there.

Food From The Yard: Watch your tomatoes :)

10 *Brilliant* Frugal Gardening Tricks! I've used the tp roll trick for a few years now. When I plant the roll I leave a bit of it exposed. It not only helps to guide the plant upright but more importantly keeps the bugs away. And I label each roll w the variety of seed so when I finally get around to marking the plants I have a quick reminder of what's what!

10 Frugal Gardening Tricks

year round indoor tulips....I think this is worth a try

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water - Sand and Sisal

DIY Herb garden & plant markers! This craft is perfect for summer and to add a little clean to your space!

eighteen25: DIY Herb Garden & Plant Markers

Vegetable Garden Plan click and then follow to make your own square foot layout. Mine so far is a huge success and has made planning our summer garden super easy.

Raised Vegetable Garden Plans and Ideas

Companion Planting | Taste For Life

Companion Planting | Taste For Life

Carrots have another BFF...radishes!

Carrots + Lettuce = ♥

Did you know you can include flowers in your veggie garden to help keep the bugs out?

Did you know that properly pairing your plants can help your garden flourish?

Companion Planting | Taste For Life

Companion Planting | Taste For Life

Companion Planting | Taste For Life

Companion Planting | Taste For Life

A few good things to do with your Christmas tree.

DIY Tutorial on How to Make Citronella Candles for the garden via Garden Therapy