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Children chores :)

Not sure where I found this list but I swear by it. I do one chore a day from the weekly list and use Saturday to finish the rest or catch up on what I missed. I sub in the monthly list the first week of the month and the other lists through out the year. My house is always spic and span!! Put this in your life :)

A house cleaning checklist is a nice way to manage the little messes that add up over time.

Also an awesome idea to fill a wall and give coats more space. Awesome weathered look.

If you don't have any room for baggies in your drawers here is a great solution that keeps them handy!

This is clever, too! You can pick one of these up at any office supply store!

.Use a strong paper towel type rod to store your garage garbage bags. No more big box taking up valuable shelf space.

I really need to work on doing this... I know it would take my stress level down majorly! Great ideas!!!

Put shower rings on a hanger to hold all of your scarves. CLEVER!