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DRONE JOURNALISM: Jalur Mudik Selatan dari Udara

DRONE JOURNALISM: Jalur Mudik Selatan dari Udara

This is a picture of a leaf, blown up 4,270 times. This bed of wax needles is the secret to its amazing water-repelling powers.

DIY Edge of Tomorrow Exoskelleton From Household Materials

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See How Much 'Wolfenstein' Has Changed in the Last 22 Years

10 great hip-hop documentaries | BFI

10 great hip-hop documentaries

Polish Tatars are Muslim peoples of largely Central Asian descents and Polish customs, and in Kruszyniany, population 160, they live among both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Heirs of the Mongol empire, Tatars are descendants of Batu Khan and the Golden Horde. While most live in Russia, others are descended from those who began gradual migrations west into what are now Belarus, Poland and Lithuania as early as the fifth century.

Saudi Aramco World : Poland’s New Tatar Trail

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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures - Google+

Instant coffee granule Pass hot water through these massive boulders and you get the most popular morning beverage in the world. Instant coffee granule, coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM). Magnification x26 at 10cm wide. Credit: POWER AND SYRED/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

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The model Slave 1 behind the scenes. #starwars @bobafettfanclub @BobaFett_

The Olympic Games Are On In Sochi

Jakarta Tempo Dulu.

Ars Magica Arteficii: Vintage Jakarta

Submarine Servers: Green Revolution Cooling's system submerges servers in a dielectric mineral oil that's better than air at keeping computers cool.