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Fairy Ring

Start attaching-pebbles use hot glue,but if little hands are sticking them down, you can also use a super-strong double-sided tape, such as the type used to lay carpets. It’s entirely up to you how closely you’d like to pack those pebbles, as the grouting you’ll use to finish the effect will fill in any gaps.

A great step-by-step instructional on making a fairy door for the garden.

Margaret W. Tarrant, "Gates of Fairyland" by sofi01, via Flickr

Dragon Fairy

  • Denice Garrou Author

    Don't know if you have a FB page, but a lot of pagan people have been joining mine, it is turning into a community of sharing..and I am inviting everyone like minded to come and discuss, or find advice, or ask for is in the beginning stages but it looks promising....check it out to see if it might be something you would like to be part of to share and talk. Blessings Denice

  • Jonni Shannon

    Gave up FB several months ago, but can access thru a friend, will check it out, thanks!

Faeries ~ In Celtic lore, they're the Gentry, the Good People, the Good Neighbors or the Wee Folk.

the fae star and explanations of each point's meaning. interesting read!

Believe ♥

Come away, O human child: To the waters and the wild with a fairy, hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand ~William Butler Yeats

... exploring the waters