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Tawna Parks

Tawna Parks

I am mildly addicted to Pinterest and it has created a craft monster in me.

Cracker Barrel's Hashbrown Casserole


Pretty please! I'll feed it and give it water and change its newspapers :)

Can't afford organic all the time? Here's where to splurge, and how to eat cleaner if you don't have the option.

Stone Rain Gutter Splash Block- a look that isn't tacky!

Brick walls check. The bedspread haunting me check. I think i need to either learn to sew and make this or just go out and buy it! hate the throw rug in this though and that dinky little mirror. And honestly the photo isn't the best quality but ya I will take that bed and that brick wall behind it

how to refresh your bed with discount linens via

'It's So Important' Wall Sign

Long black skirt, denim jacket, brown sandals and purse and belt, gold and brown bracelets.

healthy eating broccoli cheese bites. There is very little cheese added to this overall so the calorie count stays low. Bread crumbs and egg to combine. If you flatten them out a little you can use a non stick pan to cook them and cut down on the oil usage too.

32 Beautiful Summer Nails Ideas u will have a great summer outfit while have a great summer nail look to rock those outfits

4th of July nails. | 36 Amazing DIY-Able Manicures For The 4th Of July

Perfect - paint first layer, then paint 2nd layer and press ruler horizontally to make lines

Wedding nails!!

Why does this make me think of Blade Runner?

A new glitter white tip .

Bubble Gum Cup Favors

Gift ideas/ Prize ideas for cousins week

Girls Spa Party Ideas Food | mentioned their spa party favor goodie bags, so I have to show those ...