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Impressive Artworks by Patrice Murciano | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity

Impressive Artworks by Patrice Murciano

Saatchi Online Artist: Valerie Carpender; Acrylic, 2012, Painting "Thank You, Cabernet"

Alice X. Zhang - New York, NY artist Week 2. I really like this! I love the colors used. I like how detailed her eyes are. I love that her hair is red. I like the different shading. I really admire this kind of work. Its so realistic. I hope one day I can do something as advanced as this.

Artist Turns Her Small Studio Room Into Surreal Dreamscapes Without Using Photoshop | Bored Panda


sorin dumitrescu mihaesti; Acrylic, Painting "Untitled 89" Use of the brush and rough stroke are amazing

love the use of the palette knife and building up of the paint - want to strive to work more like this!

love these colors. they make me happy.

A perfect way to store art paints, Genius.

Saatchi Online Artist: Cristina Troufa; Acrylic, 2011, Painting "Pedestal"

Tutorial to make a watercolor portrait! Use a digital photograph, a window and art masking fluid.