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This image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a stellar nursery containing thousand of young stars & developing protostars near the sword of the constellation Orion.

Dahlia--It almost glows! The colors are gorgeous!

Sea otters holding hands tattoo- taylow, i really hope you see this

Love piercings! ♥

dying for more piercings...!

I applaud people that have the balls to do this because I could never work up the courage to try it.

  • Leslie Brown

    It not negative. It the truth.

  • Taylor Cassady

    Have you ever thought that maybe she doesn't care about the marks it will leave? Any piercing leaves a mark. If you have your ears pierced and take the earrings out, guess what? You'll see the mark.

  • Leslie Brown

    P interest is were you can make comments. I made a comment. You are getting upset over nothing. Tattoos are there for life too. Some are good and some are dumb. Everyone has their own thoughts on things. Take your negative attitude to someone who really has something negative to say about it.

  • Taylor Cassady

    I understand that tattoos are there for life. I have a tattoo, and I have piercings. I'm not getting upset, I would just very much appreciate it if you'd get off my pins. Thanks.

  • Leslie Brown

    I comment on random things. Not looking for your pins. No problem.

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Already have "viper bites" I always called me spider bites...? Hmm learn something new everyday I guess

Harry potter

now there's a person who sees the glass as half full...

Some more recent movies deserve some ink too, like "Up" | 30 Highly Questionable Disney Inspired Tattoos

before you say something negative...didn´t you like to get dressed up and wear mommy´s/your sister´s makeup and jewelry when you were a little girl? I think it´s cute♥

All of my obsessions with piercings

The Great Blue Hole by the livingmoon. Photo by David Doubilet: Located off the coast of Belize, the almost perfectly circular Great Blue Hole is a sinkhole which measures more than 300m across and 120m deep and is believed to have been formed as a limestone cave system during the last ice age when sea levels were much lower. As the ocean began to rise again the caves flooded, and the roof collapsed. #Great_Blue_Hole #Sinkhole