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Print instagrams from phone- Selphy CP900.png {{i WANT!!!}}

How to make a paper bow. It's so cute! :)

DIY Glitter Mason Jars for makeup brushes/ pens/ pencils....i LOVE these!

DIY watercolor paper flowers...LOVE them, but honestly probably won't ever do them becaus I'm horrible with these kind of projects ;)

43 different things to add glitter to...YES PLEASE!!!!

This woman's blog is outstanding! If you need organization...

Preparing for thanksgiving: add notes of gratitude each day in November.

Unwanted jeans? DIY skinny pastel upcycled jeans.

Make Dictionary necklaces...find a word that describes the recipient & frame it.

DIY headband. this could be cute for a workout...i wonder if I'd actually wear it :)

Tons of organization printables- whoever created these is impossibly organized!

Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar = better cheaper Mod Podge.

D.I.Y wire rings

DIY Turquoise Knot Necklace for 3 bucks!

embroider a trip on a map and then frame it >> So much fun!

Website that sells mason jars for cheap! ((i looked and it said 88 cents each))

1/2 is your fingerprint 1/2 is his (salt clay paint) Salt Dough - 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, cold water. Mix until has consistency of play dough. bake at 250 for 2 hours, then cool and paint….good recipe for thumbprint pendants Would also be a great mothers day gift using yours and siblings fingerprints!!

Take lace and put it on transparent tape. Great gift wrap idea or decoration for presents.

crocheting school - a great online book of stitches and technique. You can read the whole thing online!!

It's funny how much money we spend on stuff we can make ourselves. - I present 31 incredibly easy and clever DIY projects...

Sharpie, bake 30 mins at 350- Dollar Tree mugs.

Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Good idea for summer nights.

cute saying. would be cute as the cover of a memory journal