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Taylor Early

Taylor Early

Twenty. Female. Brandesian. Treehugger. Fanatic. Neurotic. Photographer. Philosopher. Writer. Lover.

Om, the sound made at the creation of the universe. Its said that all sounds stem from the om. It’s purpose is to serve as a reminder that we all come from the same beginning.

placement and font, although i have no idea what it says

Delicate feather #tattoo, by Thea Duskin #body_art...this looks like a real feather!

Delicate fern - I know this will blurr badly in a few years because tbe leaves lack outlines that are strong enough, but I think it is pretty now.

Feather tattoo

This is exactly like what I want! Just on my back...

My newest tattoo :) I'm so in love with it!!! "jamais seule"; French for "never alone"

omg she has this in #wrappingpaper now? i love this print! by paula mills

again, not a huge fan of anchors, but this one is just too delicate and perfect it is impossible not to be impressed