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DIY Unique Braided Hairstyle 2. Super easy!

Flat Iron and Curling Iron Styling: The Definitive Guide to Getting It Right

quick twist updo for short hair « Photo Gallery | BO·Y vogue

5 No Heat Hairstyles For Medium Layered Hair - YouTube

E l l e S e e s: A Month of No Heat Hairstyles

15 No Heat Hairstyles- perfect if you are trying to grow your hair out or need a break from styling tools!

""For naturally curly hair, "Plopping" or "Plunking" is a useful technique for styling your hair wet. Some people plop for an hour, and some overnight." - Overnight is the way to go! I wake up with mostly dry curls without frizz! Just give it a shake and a spritz of Lush's Sea Spray and I'm good to go. Although my plop is more like a big bandanna tied at the front." I'm gonna try this!

"So I did this and it really works, but i do three twist because my hair is thick. I do this practically every day (it is a real time saver in the morning)."

If this actually works, I totally want to do it! I'm always wishing I had long curly hair! AMAZING OVER NIGHT NO HEAT CURLS! Looks just like a wand curl! Perfect.

5 Ways To Make Your Hair Curly With No Heat - Fashion Diva Design

Twist your hair around your head starting on the side with the lower part. As you go along your head slowly add more and more hair to the two strands you are twisting.

Curly hair overnight that come out adorable.. remember if your trying any overnight hairstyles the best way to do it is the night before a day that you have nothing to do so if it doesn't work you don't have to go out with terrible curls!

No Heat Mermaid Hair - my hair kindof does this naturally,, but this is a good way to help it out esp. overnight

You can do these easy steps at night to have curls in the morning. | 17 Ways To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

Beach Waves i tried this last night after i washed my hair and left it there till morning and took it out it came out awesome omg im gonna use this all the time

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