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Only hours away till Captain America 2: Winter Soldier and seeing this makes me excited for its upcoming movie as well! Epic Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

Epic Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

This makes my English major heart happy.

Drawn by SeviYummy ... espeon, umbreon, sylveon, jolteon, glaceon, leafeon, flareon, vaporeon, pokemon

Eeveelutions by SeviYummy on deviantART

Supernatural meets Abbey Road

Supernatural - The Road So Far << Can someone give me the names of Sam's hookups? I don't remember there being nearly that many.

Best Thing Ever of the Day: Supernatural By Numbers

Crowley and his Hellhound. I could never love another demon the way I love Crowley.

Star Wars Edition: Keep Calm and...

keep calm and let the wookie win - Dump A Day


Oh Father - 9GAG

short hair jlaw LOVE IT!!!

30 amazing Star Wars illustrations | From up North

And because of the iconic line, any other way it's put- we read it in Matt's voice.

"Harry Potter" Characters In The Books Vs. The Movies. I concur with everything in this assessment.

"Harry Potter" Characters In The Books Vs. The Movies